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February 2019 Newsletter

Hello Lioness-Lions,

It’s hard to believe that we need to start thinking about office nominations already. At our February Dinner Meeting, the Nominations Committee will present a slate of officers set for election at the March Dinner Meeting. We will also be signing up for committees at the April Dinner meeting. Think about what you would most like to do assist the club next year.

The Bi-Laws Committee is working hard to update the Club’s Bi-Laws. These will be completed soon, and every member will receive an updated copy.

Barbara Weyer – February 8
Julie Pulda – February 20
A reminder for the February birthday people to bring something for the raffle at the dinner meeting this month.

Meeting Dates:
• Wednesday, February 6, Board Meeting, 5:45 at The Samaritan
• Wednesday, February 20, Dinner Meeting, 6:30 at The Top of the Ridge
• Friday & Saturday, February 15 & 16 - District Convention
Roster of Officers – February Dinner Meeting
Voting for Officers – March Dinner Meeting
West Bend School Superintendent – March Dinner Meeting
Kine Torinus – Historic West Bend Theatre Inc – April Dinner Meeting
Committee Sign-up – April Dinner Meeting
Your Club President
Lion Nancy Larson