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Lion Joe Tomaszewski Benefit Dinner

Cooking the chicken

Sunday's benefit dinner for Lion Joe Tomaszewski was a great success. I would like to thank all the Lion's and Lioness members who came to help work and support Joe. It's a great thing to see fellow Lion's helping each other. More Pictures can be seen HERE If you have pictures you would like to share please email them to I will be happy to post them on our club website.


I will post updates about the money we raised when the information becomes available.

Friends in Lionism,

Just a recap of the event last weekend - First and foremost I had a great time getting to meet and work with you all. I certainly got to know you better and some new Lions as well that are fun and certainly very diligent and hard working. The following numbers are trivial to all the spirit that was generated. In particular I think Lion Joe had a very nice reunion with DG’s from his year that came to visit, his family and all the Lions that came to wish him well.

We served 205 dinners and had 134 drive thru orders. It is estimated we sold 80 chicken only orders for a total of 419 chickens sold with us donating 381 dinners to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. We also sold 158 cans of soda and water at a $1 each.

All told, we deposited $3350.85 for the day (gross sales) and enjoyed some great camaraderie and great weather. I am grateful I met so many of you and had such a great time! Despite not selling out I think we did a fantastic job and I look at it as a complete success because we helped out so many more people than we initially set out to help by donating our leftovers to the Rescue Mission.

It is a pleasure to Serve with you all!